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Free Standing Support Arm $39.00

  • Supports tubing improving mask comfort and seal
  • Reduces pull on the mask
  • Reduces tangling of PAP tubing
  • Decreases condensation in tubing
  • Swivels for proper positioning of tubing
  • Easily removed when not in use
  • Made in USA
  • Patent Pending

freestanding stand.pdf Pictures.jpg 3.jpg

Can be easily disassembled and used when traveling 


Some assembly required

  • Can be assembled in just 2 minutes
  • Comes complete with instructions
  • Can be installed on most nightstands and bed posts also


Free standing tube support


Tubing attaches to arm using supplied Velcro. 

freestanding stand.pdf Pictures 1.jpg

Bottom base


Flush wall application 


Flush wall application


Flush wall application

freestanding stand.pdf 7.jpg

Free standing tube support


I looked and looked for some way to support my tubing at night. I even tried a closet shelf arm above my bed mounted on the wall. Then I heard about a free standing support arm. I found it ordered it and have not had any problems since. It also has helped with the seal of my mask. No more leaky sounds at night.

George P.